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Managing Your Shopping Cart

To see the items in your shopping cart just click on the Shopping Cart Icon on the top right section of the screen.

The system will display a "Quick View" of the items that you have placed in your Shopping Cart
To manage your Shopping Cart, Click on "Go to Shopping Cart"

Once in your Shopping Cart, you can change quantities and click on Update Shopping Cart
If you wish to remove an item from your order, simply click on the trash can icon for that SKU

Shopping Cart Shipping Quotes are available to our Registered Guests.  If you see the message above, this means you

have not logged in or registered.  Please log in or register to use this feature.  Our Shipping Quotes are derived by
submitting specific address information to a variety of carriers.  We first pre-edit address information to determine
if it is a correct address based upon United Postal Service (USPS) validation. 

If you request a quote and receive the message "No Quotes Available" this means that USPS cannot validate your address. 
Try adjusting your address information and avoid using special characters like #.  Your street address or PO
Box should be entered on the first Address Line. 

Guest Customers - we understand that many customers want to remain anonymous and we respect that.
When you proceed to Checkout as a Guest and enter your address information to receive a quote, we will NOT store

your address in our system.  Additionally, we cannot see your Shopping Cart and know nothing about you until you
place an order with us.  At that point your address information is stored within our ordering system for the order itself
so that we know where to ship your order but we do not store your private information in
our Customer Database or anywhere else.  We require your email address so that we can send you order
and shipment confirmation emails.

If you are experiencing issues with the site, give us a call...  we are here to assist you.